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Web Design Packages

Web Design, Managing Your Web Presence
- using paid and free-hosted web platforms -

An effective web presence is primarily about enabling your business or project to compete well in an online environment. Your overall web presence (not just your web site) should be designed with these goals and objectives in mind.  

The following provides a short checklist of items that you should consider before embarking on an online strategy: 

What kind of web presence (e.g. website, social networking and social media tools, e-mail marketing, e-newsletters, etc) do I need? What do I need it to do?

How much can I afford to pay
- on a once-off basis? (initial costs for design of , domain name registrations, etc.)
- for ongoing expenses? (monthly hosting fees and other renewals, cost of retaining the services of a professional web designer)

How much time will I be able to invest? (cost of hiring a designer on an ongoing basis versus your own personal investment in terms of time, training, etc)

How will my web presence meet and fulfill my primary business objective? (e.g. increase sales) 

What about secondary objectives? (e.g. lead generation) 

Where do I see most of my web traffic coming from? (SEO, e-mail marketing, SEM and pay-per click advertising, social networks, offline advertising, and so on) 

Our web design packages are about utilising the worldwide web as a platform to build your business online. We have found that the key decision to be made, when starting out, is to decide on a platform to host your website or to manage your web presence. This provides the starting point from which you will be able to branch out. 

For website design, we have devised a range of packages based on whether your site will be hosted on a free or paid platform. 

Free-hosted solutions

These include platforms like Google Sites, Blogger, Wordpress which offer free hosting for your site, templates that can be customised to your own design, easy to use content management systesm, with other features and bonuses. There are limitations with these hosting solutions but they are also rapidly gaining ground, and acceptance. They may well be the way of the future where web design is concerned. 

Paid hosting

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