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Free Hosted Websites

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Your own piece of (free-hosted) real estate on the web

Having a website need not be an expensive or time-consuming affair. You could have your own website, just like the one you are browsing now, without having to pay any hosting fees ... ever. You just pay us a once-off fee for the design and set-up costs. See our online portfolio for other examples of websites that we have created and designed along these lines. 

The main benefits to you and your online business are: 
  • These websites are easy to use and modify to your requirements. 
  • We will provide you with a fully explanatory video tutorial to help you gain the most from your investment.  
  • You can always contact us (by phone, e-mail, Skype, etc) if you ever get stuck and need help. These solutions are so hassle-free we are confident we can help you to fix the problem in no time at all. If not, we'll fix it for you. Everything is stored in the cloud so there's no need to call in the service repair people!
  • The fact that they are free does not mean that you are compromising on quality.
  • The fact that they are free does not mean that you are compromising on reliability. This is because they are powered by some of the biggest internet service providers around - Google, Wordpress, PayPal, etc.
  • They integrate nicely with your existing online presence - Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, other social networking and social media platforms.
  • We include online forms and other direct response mechanisms that visitors to your site can use to contact you, leave messages, sign up to your mailing list, take part in surveys, etc. 
  • Include links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts. 
  • We'll even create a company or business logo if you don't already have one.

Your website can also be re-directed to your own custom domain (e.g. We will do this for you at no extra cost and we can even register a domain for you. We recommend Go Daddy as a proven, cost-effective and affordable domain name registrar for the type of websites that we create on free-hosted platforms. 

Contact us today for free consultation or advice. We offer two basic rates:

  1. Single Page Website with PayPal compatibility, for just €150 including VAT. Ideal for 'Sales Pages'. A simple, no-fuss solution which ultimately might generate a full-time or part-time income for you. 
  2. Five Page Website which typically comprise HomeAboutProducts and/or Services (including PayPal Shopping Cart), Contact pages with an optional News page to post announcements or to use as a mini-blog. €250 including VAT.

For more information Contact us today to find out how we can do all this for you. 

Browse our portfolio to sample just some of the many websites which we have created by these means.