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Post date: Sep 24, 2012 9:47:2 PM

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Cloud Computing

- bring the workplace with you -

posted 24 Sep 2012, 22:47

Cloud Computing is really a very simple concept , based on the recognition that a job is no longer tied to a workplace. Everything is stored remotely, including software which actually makes it more accessible and thus facilitates collaboration in real-time; a business platform that is literally 'in the cloud'.

Of course as with all new ideas, and even the not so new, industry buzzwords assume a life of their own. To some this can be daunting; to others it is a bluffer's paradise. So here, in the simplest terms we can think of, is our take on the phenomenon:

Cloud Computing represents not so much a new technology as a

new appreciation for the existing technology.

The worldwide web, in its present incarnation, is barely two decades old. In the short time that it has been with us, it has gone through numerous evolutions and re-inventions. It should hardly be surprising therefore that the people who use it are still only realising the possibilities and benefits, not to speak of harnessing all this potential.

Take for example someone who commutes long hours back and forth to the place of work. For the most part, all those hours are simply wasted time. If public transport is used then a laptop, notebook or other handheld device, combined with roaming internet connection could allow the commuter to use that time productively. Better still work from home; never leave your house, or even your bed!

Using the cloud as your business platform you work on your projects, still collaborating with your colleagues; only meeting face to face when you have to - or want to.

This short video from Google demonstrates cloud computing in action:

Key advantages include:

    1. You take your business with you. Your projects are always to hand. All you need is a computer and internet access.

    2. Work that is no longer tied to location. These days you can outsource tasks all over the world while continuing to manage your own affairs from your desk.

    3. Scope for business collaboration you might never have dreamed possible

    4. Lower investment costs and overheads.

We can advise you on the options that are best suited to your business, giving you the freedom and scope to get on with the work that is really important.

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