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Books (print and digital)

Book Cover Designs - Book covers based on bespoke and template designs that we have produced for our many satisfied clients. They include self-publishing authors, writers and independent publishers

Book Cover Designs (Templates) - Using templates like these we can produce attractive yet affordable covers for your books and reports (complete with printer's crop marks and bleeds). You supply the text and illustrations, we produce a design customised to your liking with endless choice of colours, fonts, etc.

Books (Online Editions) - PDF editions of the books that we have produced in printed and non-printed form, available to browse (and buy) online.

Design and Printing (miscellaneous)

School Printing

Cover Designs for School Journals and Homework Diaries - These can be customised with your school's own logo, emblem, crest, etc.

Web Design

A to Z of Photography - Exploring the world of Still Photography and the rich trove of treasure it unearths.

Best Simpsons Quotes - The website that celebrates the wit and wisdom of the TV cartoon classic that is The Simpsons.

Books by J.N. Duggan - Official website of J.N. Duggan, author of highly acclaimed biographies of Sophia, Electress of Hanover (1630-1714), Irish rationalist philosopher John Toland (1670-1722), as well as a forthcoming biography on Count Hans Axel Fersen, friend and confidante of Marie Antoinette.

Documents and Manuscripts - Print and digital media specialists – editorial services, design and presentation, print management, publishing, marketing and campaign management.

Dublin Made Me - A celebration of Dublin, Ireland's capital city, as it has been immortalised down through the years, in music, literature, art and stuff.

Great Irish Rock - Celebrating Irish rock music, past and present, near and far including all that is distinctive to the genre of Irish rock and popular music.

King Serious - Maintaining a sense of balance and perspective against the backdrop of a world that sometimes seems dark and delirious.

The Manuscript Publisher - Provider of publishing solutions for the Digital Age. For authors, writers, independent publishers. Publish your books professionally and affordably by printed and non-printed means.

Modern Definitions - Serving the movement for modern enlightenment

Oscar Duggan (Business and Professional website) - The business and professional website of Oscar Duggan, Publisher, Designer, Editor, Internet Marketing Consultant.

Planets of the Apes - Exploring the worlds of Planet of the Apes, from it's original incarnation in the novel by Pierre Boulle, through the various re-interpretations that have followed.

Reliving the Dead - The website that pays homage to George A. Romero's Living Dead series and the Zombie Apocalypse genre that it inspired.

Sensible Fundraising - Free online resource for fundraisers everywhere; outlining a theory and practice of sensible fundraising for public and practitioners alike.

SiarScéal - Official website of the SiarScéal Festival, held every year in March. SiarScéal is a historical and cultural collective of people who live around the rivers and lakes of the Shannon basin.

Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock) Fan Site - The only known dedicated fan site, to the TV comedy classic that is Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock).

Theme Time Dylan - Exploring themes and pre-occupations reflected in the music and songs, written and spoken words of the legendary singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.

Timeline of Irish History - An online project that is about building a timeline that charts the history of Ireland and the Irish people.

Tom na gCapaillín - Website of TJ Gillespie (Tom na gCapaillín), horseman and author of the book I Want to Really Learn About Horses.

The Wildlife in Your Garden - Gardening with nature and wildlife in mind

Words and Comments - An occasional journal of thoughts and opinions on matters of interest and concern.

Writing for Publishing - An educational initiative which has been devised specifically for authors, creative writers, anyone interested in writing for a public audience.