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Our publishing services embrace the digital era and include both printed and non-printed options.

Whatever you intend to publish, however you intend to publish it, our services offer professional and affordable solutions for businesses, organisations and individuals.

From our experience of working with authors, writers, independent publishers, we have found that the key ingredients to successful publishing include:

Our experience and expertise in each of these areas will help you get to where you want to be, at rates that are professional and affordable.

Authors, writers and independent publishers should also refer to our partner site, The Manuscript Publisher, provider of publishing solutions for the digital age.

Through The Manuscript Publisher we work with authors and independent publishers, helping you to successfully self-publish your books, in both print and e-book form. We also help you to market, promote and sell your book to your target audience or niche.

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Don't forget to visit the website of our publishing partner at The Manuscript Publisher.

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