Editorial Services

– document management and manuscript preparation, print and digital media –

Our editorial services (as well as related services in the area of design and presentation) cover all forms of document management and manuscript preparation needs, including:

    • Editing, proof-reading, appraisal and critique, page indexing and referencing

    • Web editing including SEO, professional blogging services

    • Typing, digitisation and scanning in both facsimile and OCR (optical character recognition)

    • Copywriting and ghost-writing services

    • Typesetting, page design and layout

    • e-Book conversion to all main formats (e.g. mobi, epub, PDF, etc)

    • Cover design for books, brochures, reports, etc.

    • Graphic design and illustrations

We provide all of these services, working with you in close consultation, at rates that are reasonable, affordable and delivered on time.

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