Introducing Writing for Publishing

Post date: Sep 24, 2012 9:49:40 PM

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Introducing Writing for Publishing

- a creative writing course for the modern publishing age -

posted 24 Sep 2012, 22:49

Writing for Publishing is the title of a new educational initiative being spearheaded by The Manuscript Publisher and designed specifically for authors, writers, independent publishers. It aims to equip authors and writers with both the tools and the skills necessary to write and reach a public audience in today's publishing environment.

It is a creative writing course for the modern publishing age, emphasising the all-important connection between writing and publishing: how one informs the other and how the two operate in today's era of digital media and mass communication. Prospective authors and writers will learn how to develop their writing skills with a view to getting published. They will learn to seek out, identify and take advantages of writing and publishing opportunities that present themselves.

Focus and attention is given both to the practical aspects, as well as matters to do with confidence building and motivation.

"The message that we strive to convey is that writing and publishing are long-term projects - not get rich quick schemes. Enthusiasm sometimes has to be balanced with circumspection, caution and even restraint before you can let your talents off the leash," says Oscar Duggan, course director.

Themes and subject areas covered include:

    • creative writing

    • writing for a niche

    • identifying your target audience

    • presentation

    • approaching publishers

    • self-publishing

    • printed and non-printed solutions

    • marketing and selling your work

    • managing your web presence as a writer.

A complete course outline, including contact details and how to book a group seminar or presentation is available from the Writing for Publishing website -

The course will be available at venues across Ireland and the intention is to bring it further afield with time. One idea that is in the planning stage is to make it available via distance learning techniques, using a range of audio-visual presentations and materials.

Interested enquiries from individuals and and writers groups are welcome. Talks and presentations tailored to groups, large or small can be arranged - see website for information on how to book. Details of upcoming workshops, seminars and events will be posted on the course website as well as on Facebook and Twitter, where you can also follow and keep in touch.

A lot is changing in the world of publishing; changes that are long-term and irreversible, ushered in mainly by advances in technology.

"As writers, we are no longer content to simply write and let publishers publish. Nor should we be so content: if we want to be successful in our various enterprises, we cannot afford to be.The world of publishing today is opening up, after a long period when it seemed like it was closed off. But this is only the starting point in the journey, not the end.”